Why Do You Need A Water Softener

Many people perceive water softeners as an unnecessary expense. But if you are having hard water issues then you have to invest in one. Choosing the best water softener is a crucial thing but with advanced technology, there are many variants available in the market. Pick the best which suits your criteria.

Daily chores get affected by water hardness and that is why you are always doing house cleaning. Problems such as soap scum; whitish cast on utensils, hair dryness or clogged pipes is a sign of hard water supply.

Water is a universal content and has many usages than just drinking. A basic need for water consumption includes hard and soft water. According to the US, the Environmental Protection Agency reports the tap water supplied throughout the city is fair. But nationwide there are about 90 types of water contaminants.

As hard water does not possess any health hazard Municipal Corporation does not pay much attention towards it. Still, you hear about water softeners, why? Would a water softener system be a good investment for your home? Read why you should get one.

Why ditch Hard Water?

Hard water is when a high amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium are dissolved in water. The more minerals are the hard water is. You might have noticed that detergents take a long time to dissolve in water. Even when water is too hard cloudy water is formed with no froth. It is because minerals block soap ions to react with water.

Minerals settle down on the plumbing system as water passes through it. This causes corrosion, breakdown, and damaged pipes, heaters and boilers.

Reasons to Install a Water Softener:

A water softener is a system tailored to eradicate excessive amount of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, fluoride etc from water to soften it. It replaces Ca and Mg ions with sodium ions this process is known as ion exchange process. With this extreme minerals gets drained and soft water supply is throughout the home. Ultimately you will be benefitted with the following problems:

Glossy Glassware, Silver and Cookware

Water softeners excruciate minerals completely which stops soap scum formation on your utensils. The whitish cast left behind washing cookware doesn’t forms and they look shiner and polished.

Clean Laundry

Clothes get faded and lose shine after washing with detergents. Soft water does not cause wear and tear. It protects the fabric quality and makes them brighter.

Easy Cleaning

No limescale deposits, now I don’t have to spend scrubbing them off from the faucets and bathtubs. Are you feeling great by just hearing this? Yes, you can save your precious time and efforts wasted till now in your house cleaning job. Soft water does not leave any stains behind and cleans the floors, tiles, utensils i.e. everything easily.

Improved Skin and Hair Texture

It is obvious that you use a lot of skin and hair products that are harsh. It is because they have chemicals that are customized to work in hard water. Due to this hair fall and skin irritation increases. The major impacts are on the child’s skin they develop redness and atopic eczema. A water softener helps you lather even with mild products and rinses off quickly. This way you get healthy looking skin and hair.

Save Repairing Cost

Hard water causes clogged pipes and damaged appliances. This is summed up is a huge expense over a period of time. You can save your hard earned money and hassle by installing a water softening system. When minerals will be eliminated your plumbing system will work smoothly and you will notice a huge reduction in repairing bills.

Save Utility Bills

Another big issue with hard water is to increase utility bills. What was your bill this time? It is because heaters and conditioning system develops minerals deposition in pipes which inserts pressure for water inflow. This impacts your energy consumption.


I hope this was ample information for you to switch to water softeners. If you have any queries regarding the best water softeners you can write to us in the comment box and we will be glad to help you.

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